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Is Your (Insert Home Service Trade) Contractor A Lighting Designer?

Maybe. But most likely not.

It might seem convenient to entrust multiple tasks to one service provider, but when it comes to illuminating your outdoor space, expertise matters.

Most home services contractors are perfectly capable of putting low-voltage lights in the ground and connecting them to a transformer. That's the easy part. That's why it's common to see pressure washing contractors, irrigation contractors, lawn maintenance contractors, and others offer outdoor lighting.

Why hire a Bright Exteriors Outdoor Lighting instead?

  1. A designated outdoor lighting contractor that specializes in the system design

    1. What to illuminate, how to illuminate it, the type of fixture to use, how to vary the light output to create texture and depth, etc.

  2. Proper system engineering

    1. A properly engineered system will not have issues such as voltage loss, overheating, lights flickering, etc due to an overloaded transformer, too small wire, overloaded homeruns, and other issues.

  3. Receive a full-detail design packet before you purchase the system

    1. This packet includes:

      1. Photos showing exactly where fixtures will go on your property

      2. A Bill of Materials with manufacturer and model names

      3. Specification sheets for each fixture type and the transformer specified

      4. A sales contract detailing warranty, payment terms, and special offer terms

  4. Future maintenance

    1. If you hire someone who isn't a lighting designer, often times you don't know exactly what you bought. What happens when a fixture goes out? What brand and model is the fixture? Where can you get a replacement? These are issues that Bright Exteriors Outdoor Lighting has been called out to fix, however often times the lights are no longer made or otherwise unavailable.


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