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Founder of Bright Exteriors Outdoor Lighting Alex Dillard

My name is Alex Dillard.  I founded Bright Exteriors in 2023 because I greatly enjoy the combination of technical knowledge and creativity that comes with designing a complete outdoor lighting system that will last for decades.  My favorite part of the job is turning on a new lighting system for a client and seeing the awe they feel when they see it for the first time!


We are a fully insured landscape lighting designer, providing peace of mind to our clients knowing that they are in good hands. We adhere to strict industry standards and regulations, ensuring that every project is executed safely and efficiently.

Tobacco-Free Company

We believe that your home should be left in better condition than we found it and you should not be disturbed by our presence while we are working.  This belief causes us to refrain from using tobacco products on our job sites.

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